About OPM Laboratory

Company Outline

Official name:

OPM Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Kazuho Morimoto

Director (Part-Time): Kenichi Furukawa, Vice President and Representative Director, Sodick Co., Ltd.

Director (Part-Time): Sadao Sano, Senior Executive Managing Director, Sodick Co., Ltd.
Statutory Auditor: Kazuhito Shimoyama, Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Sodick Co., Ltd.

Established: September 29, 2014
Lines of business:
  • ・R&D on metal 3D printer technologies
  • ・Design, production businesses
  • ・Metallic powder materials development business
  • ・Software development for metal 3D printers
  • ・Support and consulting businesses
  • ・Mold design, metal hybrid laser fabrication service bureau
  • ・Subcontracted research and application development for metal hybrid laser fabrication
  • ・CAM and simulation software development and solutions sales, training, and support for metal hybrid laser fabrication
  • ・Support and consulting for metal hybrid laser fabrication
  • ・Sales of precision machining press equipment and design and production of press molds
Capital: JPY121 million
Employees: 32
Locations and contact information:
■Head Office / R&D Center
B107, Kyoto Research Park Building No. 3, 93 Chudoji Awatacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto 600-8815, Japan
TEL 075-314-3446 FAX 075-314-3448
■DDM Fukui (Mass-Production Processing Center)
78 Sakaicho Nagaya, Sakai, Fukui Prefecture 919-0598, Japan
TEL 070-5638-8682
■Tohoku Design Center
1-12 Machiikedai, Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture 963-0215, Japan
TEL 024-954-4534
■China subsidiary (Design/Manufacturing Center)
Rise Mold (Shanghai) Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
11 Chun Guang Road, Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone, Shanghai 201108, China
TEL 86-21-5447-3516

Company Outline