About OPM Laboratory


Supporting manufacturing at a global level

OPM Laboratory promotes manufacturing using metal 3D printers around the world. Our network of facilities, centered on Japan and East Asia, can deliver locally designed and produced components. We also are building a network of strategic partners able to deliver services at identical quality levels in key markets around the world.

  • Head Office / R&D Center

    Head Office / R&D Center

    The Head Office / R&D Center conducts basic R&D on industrial methods and advances related technologies. It is fully equipped with a wide range of analytical, experimental, and testing equipment.
    It also features a showroom for companies considering adoption of metal 3D printing.

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  • DDM Fukui (Mass-Production Processing Center)

    DDM Fukui (Mass-Production Processing Center)

    DDM Fukui produces components and molds under contract to clients from across Japan and around the world. Equipped with numerous metal 3D printers, it is one of the world’s leading facilities in terms of production capacity and is fully equipped with measurement instruments as well.

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  • Tohoku Design Center

    Tohoku Design Center

    Staffed by a large number of design engineers with years of experience designing parts and molds in Japan, the Tohoku Design Center can provide speedy service to clients across all areas of plastic flows, thermal analysis, and CAE stress analysis.

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  • Rise Mold (Shanghai) Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

    Rise Mold (Shanghai) Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

    Staff at Rise Mold (Shanghai) Laser Technology have amassed considerable experience at the Head Office in Japan, so that they can provide design and manufacturing services in China similar to those we deliver in Japan.
    It serves clients from across China.

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  • Hong Kong Productivity Council

    Hong Kong Productivity Council

    The Hong Kong Productivity Council, an industrial agency of the Hong Kong government, handles design and manufacturing for transfer of our technologies in Hong Kong and across the South China region.

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