Hybrid metal 3D printers

Equipment specifications etc.

OPM250L SpecificationsOPM250L Specifications

Measurements, specifications

Measurements, specificationsEnlarge view

Measurements, specificationsEnlarge view

Main unit Maximum work size (W*D*H) 250*250*250mm
X-axis stroke 260mm
Y-axis stroke 260mm
U-axis stroke 260mm
Internal measurements of work tank (W*D) 290*290mm
Spindle Z-axis stroke 100mm
Maximum powder supply quantity 90kg (maraging steel)
Nitrogen supply capacity 32NL/min
Machinery dimensions (not including peripherals) 1870*2230*2055mm
Machinery weight (not including peripherals) 4500kg
Laser Laser method Yb fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1070nm
Laser maximum output 500W
Laser scanner Galvano
Main shaft
Automatic tool changer
Max. RPM of main shaft 45000min-1
Max. torque of main shaft 0.8Nm
ATC count 16
Tool-holder method HSK-E25 two-surface binding holder
NC equipment
Number of control shafts XYZU main shafts + B
Number of shafts under simultaneous control Up to 4 spindles
Minimum configuration unit 0.1μm
Minimum drive unit 0.031μm
Options Three-lamp signal tower
Exterior transformer
Air dryer
Air tank
Three-phase input wire
Shrink-fittage equipment (heat robot)
Materials control bellows
Industrial vacuum cleaner


  • High-speed main shaft, CCD camera

    High-speed main shaft, CCD camera

    The main shaft used in high-speed milling is fitted with a 45,000 min-1 spindle. The CCD camera is used to assist the laser.

  • Automatic tool changer (ATC)

    Automatic tool changer (ATC)

    This equipment automatically changes tools between the spindle and the magazine. A maximum of 16 tools may be set in the magazine.

  • Automatic tool-length measurement equipment

    Automatic tool-length measurement equipment

    This equipment measures the distance from the base surface of the spindle to the tip of the tool.

  • Tool changing area

    Tool changing area

    This area is used to set tools in the magazine for the automatic tool changer (ATC).

  • Yb fiber laser (500 W)

    Yb fiber laser (500 W)Exhaust vents

    This laser is used in irradiation to
    sinter the powdered metallic materials.Exhaust vents for the processing area.

  • Nitrogen gas generator

    Nitrogen gas generator

    Supplies nitrogen gas to the inside of the processing area.

  • Recoater


    Sprinkles powdered metal materials on the table top.

  • Work table

    Work table

    The table has a structure that makes it possible to set the base plate for laser sintering to the necessary height after mounting it.

  • Powder supply adjustment system

    Powder supply adjustment system

    This system (optional) is used to restrict the recoating area when the work has a small surface.

  • Materials supply equipment

    Materials supply equipment

    This tank supplies metallic powder to the recoater head. The tank is refilled by filling the two pots above it with materials and then setting the pots on top of the tank.

  • Used-materials collection buckets

    Used-materials collection buckets

    These buckets are used to recover materials remaining on the work table after processing.